Monday, September 8, 2008

Thing 23

I've found 23 Things has been a great education for me so thanks goes to Jason and also to my colleagues for their advice.
Maybe we could discuss its application to our libraries during Planning Day and in our individual library meetings.

Thing 22

Read about Library 2.0 by searching on Google and looking at a Vala conference paper called "Library 2.0: taking it to the street" by Lynette Lewis which quotes "the heart of Library 2.0 is user-centred change".

Thing 21

I added to my iGoogle homepage some gadgets: Google Maps, Google Book Search, Google Docs and the weather.

Thing 20

Searched for the example of a limited preview book "Google: the missing manual" and a book I knew about was also limited preview but I could still read some of it. I clicked on "Full view" and searched on "cats" to get 1700 documents some from the 1700s.

Thing 19

In Google Docs I created a new document and spreadsheet and saved them. The spreadsheet could be handy.

Thing 18

Very interesting- found a few locations.

Thing 17

Looked at MySpace and Facebook. MySpace is powered by Google but not on their list of products.